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FileIns delivers a revolutionary claims vendor management tool for sending, archiving, sharing and analyzing claims files and documents. It allows claims managers to maximize efficiency in claims processing, reduce administration costs, enhance document security and promote file resolution.

Claims vendor management is much more than selecting vendors based on rigid criteria and lowest hourly rates. Monitoring the performance of multiple preferred vendors against multiple insurer and regulatory guidelines and criteria is at best, a difficult task. FileIns delivers a solution that ensures vendor selection is performance based and measured with configurable, interactive, drillable, and actionable metrics. It gives insurers the ability to send, track and analyze vendor data with huge competitive advantage.

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Multiple claims handles vendors
FileIns offers a unique combination of capabilities including:
  • Secure, encrypted document transfer, storage and sharing platform for internal and external claims handlers.
  • Comprehensive, integrated file tracking and reporting,
  • Performance management -analysis across multiple dimensions, hierarchies and vendor specialties.
  • Flexibility, scalability and multiple languages (English, French, Spanish and German).
  • Trend, pattern and outlier-seeking data analytics and reporting tools.
  • Online invoice entry, validation and approval.
  • Self-administered program with intuitive role-based dashboards.
  • No installation, implementation, upgrade or customer service charges for insurers or vendors.

Fileins’ confidence in producing solutions that insurers need and demand comes from a unique blend of over 30 years of actual claims experience, a highly qualified and insurance experienced development team, and collaboration with insurers, vendors and suppliers. This alignment and all inclusive approach improve product development and implementation success, and reduce overall costs. We listen to what insurers and claims vendors want, not tell them what they need!

FileIns’ PIPEDA compliant document transfer and file management capability allows claims handlers to send and store claims files quickly, easily, and securely. Internal and external claims handlers, reinsurers, risk managers, multi-disciplinary vendors (legal, medical, investigation etc.) all have role based access to the system and reporting tools. A multi-vendor platform gives claims managers insight into critical operations and the ability to better identify and develop strategies for managing vendor performance and expenses. No more missed opportunities, inconsistent reporting, hidden problems or siloed data.

Increased visibility and transparency allow claims managers an integrated 360* view of operational performance, financial compliance and consistent reporting –all on a single platform, with a single sign-in!


FileIns stands behind its suite of product offerings. We absorb the risk and development costs but share the rewards with insurers and their preferred vendors. Our totally transparent transaction-based fee structure requires no implementation or training fees, upgrades, support, customization or per seat charges. Fees are tied directly to system usage and the value derived. This model aligns our interests with insurers and claims vendors more effectively than traditional software business models.

Claims vendors utilize existing back-end systems which best suit their individual operations, without being forced to purchase or pay monthly service charges for systems that they neither need nor require, in order to do business with insurers. Vendors compete for insurer business on a level performance-based playing field regardless of size or structure. Insurers have the option of contributing, or absorbing partial or total costs under several pricing alternatives.