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FileIns Advantage

With the strength of over 30 years of claims management experience …

We offer centralized consistency to all Claims Vendor Management programs. FileIns is independent of all vendors and works on behalf of insurers without bias or prejudice, to ensure guideline compliance. Independent adjusters, self-insured’s, TPA’s, brokers, Risk Managers and in-house legal can all use a system where data is centrally tracked and scrutinized, allowing insurers a global view of their operation.

Utilizing numerous levels of physical, logical and software security controls to protect our hosting infrastructure, data safely travels through “Secure Socket Layer” (SSL) technology using 1024-bit encryption, supporting regulatory compliance and legislative changes.

  • Quick implementation –easy and non-disruptive.
  • Start with the modules you need and add other specialties later.
  • Flexible pricing for results you need at a cost you can afford.

Insurers don’t need three separate companies to do the job of one. FileIns combines secure document and file transfer, collaborative document management and optional Invoice Review on a single scalable platform, on a single sign-in.

Expense ratio scissors claims vendor management
Savings – Claims Vendor Management

  • Reduction of claims administration costs with automated workflows.
  • Reduction of labour costs –photocopying, phone calls, follow-up etc.
  • No hardware investment, IT involvement of implementation fees.
  • One system, one sign-on –three functions- (Secure document transfer, Collaborative end-to-end Document Management, and Bill Review) –NO COSTS!
  • Eliminate physical and reinsurer audits –remote, complete file access from anywhere.
Collaboration Tools

  • Control over the entire lifecycle of the file -not just specific events.
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use, virtual filing cabinets with insurer customized drawers.
  • Budget, reserve and file handling strategizing.
  • Automatic, escalating authorizations and approvals.
  • Multiple view options for internal/external adjusters and legal counsel, reinsurers, risk managers, subscription partners etc.
Decreased costs increased performance claims vendor management independent adjusting

  • Insurer controlled company and individual dashboards preferences.
  • Password management, system access, view access, authorization limits etc.
  • Insurer configured and customized document repositories for guidelines, contact lists, opinion letters, limitation periods, preferred vendors etc. with role based view options.
  • Multi-language (English, French, Spanish & German) configuration to branch or individual preferences.
  • Individual, team, management and executive business rules.

  • Customized reports and dashboards.
  • Budget, reserve, recovery and expense analysis.
  • Expense as a percentage of total costs.
  • Average time and expense by task, phase location, branch, type, coverage, etc.
  • Average time to closure and severity costs.
  • Analytical reports with multi-level drill-down to operational data.
  • Integrated with Workflow and Alert mechanisms for exception management.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to plan, track and monitor trends and outliers.

Claims Vendor Management


No up-front costs, pay only for what you use.

Pay-as-you-go transaction fees are the responsibility of the vendor and are inclusive of implementation, initial and on-going training, upgrades and support. Since volumes fluctuate, vendors pay proportionate to the volume of business they actually receive. Savings are realized by electronic file storage, the elimination of copying and courier charges, and dramatic operational efficiencies. Other pricing models are available –just ask.

With FileIns, your benefits go beyond just saving money. The process of getting insight from performance management tools coupled with feedback vendor partners, is a powerful part of our model. Meticulous monitoring through performance and compliance reporting, gives insurers the ability to comply with recent task force recommendations before they even become effective!

Claims Vendor Management