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Risk Management – Claims departments spend up to 80% of their operational budget on vendors and key suppliers. Ensuring that this money is being spent on the best vendors is not just about price. Substandard vendor performance slows disposition, increases payout, and can result in lost customers and larger settlements. Claims departments that establish clear guidelines and hold their vendors accountable, are better positioned to reduce cost and mitigate risk.

Taking a holistic approach to multiple vendor relationships, and with the support of insurers and vendors, FileIns was designed and developed as a uniform Claims Vendor Management system. Insurers and vendors utilize a single portal, customized by the insurer to electronically transfer files, collaborate, track authorizations, and identify and respond to early trends and outliers.


There are no “one size fits all” solutions in a claims department. Recognizing the unique complexities of each insurer, vendor, and secondary service provider specialty, we didn’t just change labels. We carefully designed each module with vendor specific focus to improve operational efficiencies for each. Six modules are being released in the first phase, with more modules to follow.

Our scalable solution allows insurers to pick a single module to start, and expand as the need arises. By partnering with us you will have a perpetually enhanced vendor management system. A customizable one – that will grow with your company and your expanding needs – risk management.

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Metrics are everything. Gain unlimited access to 100% of your data whether internal or external. Critical business data and transactions across all specialities by task, phase etc. provide insurers with a unified, global view of business operations.

Robust analytical tools produce powerful custom or ad hock reports and analysis for answers to your most pressing information needs, in Real Time! FileIns reporting capability makes it possible to create reports within seconds, or have them delivered to your inbox on pre-determined dates. These reports are drillable, actionable, and allow insurers to identify and respond to trends and outliers, and make strategic decisions with confidence.

Solution Framework
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Self-Administration & Role-Based Access

Why should an insurer or vendor call an outside party to change a password, add a user, set or change authority levels, view restrictions, or worse -remove access prior a termination? FileIns provides a completely self-administered service that allows insurers to establish and change role-based access and viewing for each user. In addition, insurers can add, remove and grant access to vendors, add and remove independent adjusters, reinsurers, risk managers and brokers to the system.

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Risk Management

Risk Management - independent adjusting