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Secondary Service Providers (SSPs)

Claims Investigation

A collaborative multi-vendor work-space means just that, a claims investigation examiner for example, can refer a file a file to defense counsel and allow a re-insurer role-based viewing access to the file. claims investigation   insurance claims softwareDefense counsel may later require an investigation be completed on the same file. Relevant files may be selected from the virtual filing cabinet and an on-line referral made-to the preferred investigation firm. Same goes for IME’s, transportation, translation, engineering,mediation companies etc. The examiner, with a single sign-in, has access to the subsequent referral information and associated costs, without generating a single sheet of paper!

  • Claims managers can monitor compliance of all preferred vendor referrals within their network regardless of origination.
  • Rotational assignments guarantee Preferred Secondary Service Providers get their equal share of referals across the ensurers entire operation.

Corporations, governments and human resource departments can also utilize FileIns to manage employee referrals and request and monitor services from primary and secondary service providers on a single platform, for global application.

Claims Investigation

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