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Claims Investigation

Claims Investigation FileIns provides claims adjusters enhanced security, improved turnaround time and the ability to securely send referral information, notes and instructions to investigations companies instantly. Claims handlers and investigators can view and manage budgets, file progress, status, notes and documents or collaboratively review strategy. Reports, surveillance results and invoices can be uploaded and returned to the adjuster centralizing all investigation results.

FileIns multi-vendor platform enables claims investigation handlers to refer and capture all investigation material in a central location. Investigators receive referrals from insurers, independent adjusters, defense firms, brokers and risk managers, ensuring that all files requiring investigation are referred to their approved investigators regardless of source.

FileIns takes privacy and security very seriously. Claims managers maintain complete control over sensitive information with self-administered, role-based access to files. When, who, and from where documents are downloaded is controlled and tracked and reports cannot be modified by recipients.

  • Fast, reliable document sharing and file transfer.
  • Strict access and restricted forward sharing.
  • User-friendly system that understands the way you work.
  • 1028 bit encryption -4 times the security level of most file sharing servers.
  • Rigorous PIPEDA compliance.
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Claims Investigation

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