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Independent Adjuster

Independent Adjusting

Independent Adjusting -  claims investigation

 independent adjusting risk management

Independent Adjusting – As representatives of insurance companies, independent adjusters are often the only point of contact between the insurer and the claimant. Good communication and fast efficient claims processing, are key elements to early file disposition.

Compliance with the guidelines of multiple insurers, with multiple systems and multiple-signs can cause errors and confusion. Using one system internally, another for secure document transfers, and yet another to submit invoices is time-consuming, inefficient and costly. In an extremely competitive market, compliance, performance and customer services are the differentiators for continued success.

FileIns provides a single portal claims solution that does it all! A cloud-based document management system, with a collaborative workspace for budgeting, reserves, escalating authorizations and invoice submission with import/export functionality, Fileins delivers it all. Multiple language capability ensures the inclusion of all provinces and states, is flexible, fully integrated, customized and self-administered for user preferences.

As a cloud-based application, FileIns can be accessed at anytime from any place with an internet connection and a web browser. Comprehensive role-based administration determines what claims information is accessible to individual or group claims handlers. Each user is provided with a unique login, password and access by the internal System Administrator. This single login will be used for every module in the FileIns’ suite of product offerings.

FileIns interface allows for the mass upload/download and import/export of all claims information, dramatically reducing processing times and duplicate information. It pre-populates forms, templates and reports and allows for the instant sharing of information among claims handlers with authorized system access.

Independent Adjusting