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Litigation Claims Management

Designed to provide claims executives with accurate, actionable data across their entire organization, FileIns offers a powerful litigation claims management tool that gives insurers the ability to realize savings, leverage data -both historical and real time, improve inefficiencies, and proactively manage all claims in progress. While eliminating costly photocopying and courier charges is a benefit, the real advantage is the ability to quickly access files, gain approvals, and identify and respond to trends and outliers.
Moving files through to closure requires tracking by phases, managing bottlenecks and identifying and responding to timely settlement opportunities. Successfully negotiating files to resolution within reserves, and controlling expense as a percentage of settlement are objective performance metrics that is difficult to monitor-until now. FileIns gives insurers the power to improve disposition and control legal expense and corporate governance like never before.
Centralized Litigation Operations

Internal and external defense counsel, internal and independent adjusters, TPA’s, subscription partners and reinsurers all have role based access to litigation files. In addition, electronic referrals to secondary service providers (IME’s, transportation, translation, mediation, investigation etc.) allow claims managers an additional level of tracking and compliance monitoring.

Litigation FileIns Advantage

As an intuitive, full-featured system, Litigation FileIns was designed to assist insurers and their litigation partners in promoting consistent performance and exceptional results.

  • Cloud based seamless exchange of documents, budgets, authorizations, reserve changes etc. with full tracking and electronic data storage. Multiple lawyers, multiple business lines, multiple file handlers, multiple languages -one portal.
  • Understand the scope and risks of all pending litigation and FISCO matters in totality, with a view toward formulating strategies and likely outcomes.
  • Self-administered user customization.
  • On-line collaborative correspondence, planning, budgeting and strategizing options.
  • Reserve, approval and budget tracking with audit trails.
  • Centralized, searchable virtual filing cabinets.
  • Share documents with internal and external defense counsel, other insurers (subscription policies) risk managers and reinsurers, yet stay in control of access rights.
  • Rapid and simple implementation with no IT involvement.

Litigation Claims Management

FileIns -Where Defence Litigation meets objective accountability!

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