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NavMed empowers insurers to choose an educated navigational path on medical claims files.

14-smallDeveloped in conjunction with insurers, plaintiff and defense counsel, NavMed provides insurers with quality, objective, expert based “medical” reasons regarding the necessity of an Independent Medical Examination (IME) as mandated to meet the statutory requirements of the revised Insurance Act. These determinations prevent costly and unnecessary expenditures. As a neutral company, we have no conflicts of interest, and derive no financial benefit from the outcome.
03NavMed’s credentialed and specially trained clinicians deliver an exclusively designed Navigational Abstract and avoid costly challenges and disputes. NavMed is not an IME company, and does not provide IMEs or paper review services. We provide Navigational Abstracts that allow insurers to comply with 38 (8)–nothing else!

Our “exclusive” Navigational Abstract

Secure document transfer expedites workflow and facilitates a rapid response times. Clients enjoy same day, or 24 hour turnaround times and full electronic tracking with both of our services. Our exclusively developed Navigational Abstract outlines the necessity for an IME and the “medical” reasons for same via two channels:

  • 24-hour Navigational Abstract review and delivery via electronic document transfer.
    • We receive on-line referrals and have one of our qualified medical experts provide “medical reasons” in the form of a Navigational Abstract within 24 hours.
  • In-person/house medical expert review services, with same-day report delivery.
    • Our medical expert will attend your offices in 4-hour block intervals to review files and produce a Navigational abstract –on the spot.